Simple Living – 7 Signs You Know It Is For You


Simple Living:

What is simple living about, and is it something you can adapt to?


I’ll walk you through some clear ways in which you’ll know if it could be time to give simple living a try.

But first, let’s talk about some basic knowledge around simple living

Somehow over recent years –
probably around the time cars were first invented,
we started getting faster.

Trips to a neighbor’s house would have taken us a few hours in a horse and carriage, letters from loved ones could take weeks to arrive, and general life was based on growing our own crops.

Simple / slow living doesn’t intend to replicate such living necessarily, but; earn and apply the mindset.

Call it going back to the roots if you will.

So let’s dig into it…. 


#1 Simple Living Sign:
You’re not attached to material possessions


We all have our favorite shirts, books, and more. But if you’re serious about simplifying your life, you know that you need to let go…


To be able to let go, you need to be in a good place in your life, where you don’t use objects as an emotional crutch to get you to buy.

So start by observing your spending habits.


How many times are you driven by the emotion behind buying the product, rather than the actual utility it will give you?

When you go to the store, do you come out with what was on your shopping list or a whole trolley of other stuff you don’t know why you bought?

The more you can let go of the clutter, the more mental space you will gain.

#2 Simple Living Sign:
You know what matters to you.


A real motivation to simplify can come from the need to focus more on what and who you love.

Deciding where your energy goes means that you have to eradicate beliefs or activities that drain you.

The key to simple living is cultivating a simple mind – one that is in a calm, relaxed state most of the time, rather than constantly buzzing from your to-do lists.

Deciding in fact what goes on those to-do lists in the first place can save you a lot of energy in the long run.

Learning to set boundaries and say no to certain things can be difficult at first, but once you get the hang of it you’ll see how your mind starts to ease up on the constant thought train.

#3 Simple Living Sign:
You’re clear on your vision

When we don’t have a ‘main’ purpose to follow in life, we can become a bit lost and turn to superficial habits like spending to fill the void.

On the contrary, if you’re clear on what it is that you’re aiming for right now, you won’t need as many distractions to get you through.

You simply won’t need them. This means that your house will be more simplified, you’ll feel more organized and your stress levels will decrease as a result.

How to get clear on your vision? I have a post especially for this, but you can start with these basic steps:

  • Dismantle any beliefs that you feel aren’t coming from you
  • Decipher between other people’s expectations and your hearts desires
  • Use journal prompts to get clear on what YOU actually want
  • Write down the basic values you want to live life by
  • Take steps towards creating that

#4 Simple Living Sign:

You have clear boundaries 

(or intend on setting them)

Taking steps to a more simple life means getting your priorities right.

Saying it like that sounds like tough love, but you know the saying:

Saying ‘No’ to certain people or occasions means saying Yes to what you do want to make room for.

To be able to say no, you first need to know what you’re saying no to.

So get clear on what habits you want to break, if there are any ‘toxic’ relationships in your life, see if they can be changed or break free.

When you start setting boundaries, at first you may feel a backlash from people that were used to consuming a lot of time and energy.

This is only natural and even though it may hurt to deal with in the beginning, in the end, you’re doing yourself a big favor.

#5 Simple Living Sign:

You’re ready to let go

As we touched upon earlier in this post, sometimes saying no to something or someone, means saying yes to yourself.

In the same way, cutting emotional attachment ties will free up your energy for what you do want to let into your life.

When I talk about letting go, I mean it could be physical clutter, thoughts, and beliefs that no longer serve you or habits you just can’t seem to shake.

Letting go means you are committing to yourself and your own happiness.

Want to learn more about letting go?

If you haven’t dived into our Journey To Simple Living Masterclass, yet, grab it HERE.

It’s all about letting go!


#6 Simple Living Sign:

You’re fed up with your current situation

The way I see it, Simple living is about small changes that make a big difference.

That said, there has to be a big motivation to want to make those changes in the first place.

If you’re in a place where you feel stuck, bored, or lacking joy in life – you know it’s time to review your circumstances and see what you can change.

Perhaps it’s your career choice, you’re in an unhealthy relationship or you’re just not where you imagined you would be right now.

Simple living can help you achieve a life of genuine fulfillment by making you stop and analyze what is and isn’t working.

#7 Simple Living Sign:
You’re done putting things off

Simple living does not mean feeling relaxed because you finally got through your to-do list.

Simple living helps you adopt a calm mindset while staying present and getting through it.

See the difference?

If the only time you’re able to switch off is when you’ve done everything you have to do, then you’re in for a long ride.

Imagine breezing through your chores without the stress – that’s what simple living can do for you.

By tackling things head-on from a positive calm state, you will see your mind free up of those nagging to-dos, to make way for what you really want.

So, based on this list, do you feel ready to take the next step and simplify your life?

Check out our Mini Mindset Guide to Simple Living!

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