We help individuals create a

Simplified, Euphoric Life!

Reduce Stress and let go by identifiying the areas of life holding you back.

We believe a life of simplicity begins with the mind. Before you can conquer things like decluttering, finances, relationships and more... developing a healthy mindset makes the process much easier.

Ginger Sorensen

Hello, I’m Ginger Sorensen, founder of Journey To Euphoria.

I help individuals CRUSH their midlife crisis and create a simplified euphoric life.

Let me take you back a moment to when I started on this dream to simplicity…

They say stress eats away at you if you’re not careful –

I was working harder than I ever had at a full time corporate job. Easily putting in 60 hour work weeks in addition to an hour commute each way.

Unable to show up for my 3 year old daughter as I wanted, I was barely home to kiss her goodnight.

Other relationships were suffering too.

I was like a crazy ticking bomb, back and forth, up and down, and sooner or later I knew I was gonna blow.


And when I started having health problems too, I knew something had to shift.

It’s not always easy to see burnout coming before it hits you. I knew I had to make some drastic changes to win back my health, heart and happiness.

So, I set off on a mission to create simplicity in our lives.

Turns out it started with focusing on the mind.

If I was in this for the long run, the first thing I had to work on was my mindset.

Slowly but surely, I started to discover the tools and steps to make the needed changes and I started to see my life unfold exactly how I wanted it to.

I sold my shares in that corporate position. I was then able to stay home with my daughter full time, making up for lost time and lost peace. 

We downsized, shifted our behaviors and cleared a huge sum of debt.

Ginger and Shane Sorensen Transparent

Soon after I ALSO carried a healthy little boy full term – something I’d been struggling with after losing several pregnancies. 

I am now home full time spending quality time with both of our children, while my husband was also able to quit his job of 11 years to follow a life long dream to help build a family business. He now works fewer hours, sets his own schedule and enjoys family weekends every single week!

My life is completely different now.

Happier More Fullilled

Now it's your turn!

I believe everyone should have the tools to take on the peace of mind I now have, which is why I launched Journey to Euphoria.

I want to take you through the same shifts which took me from overworked and overwhelmed to happy and hopeful.


Below I share, in a LIVE Facebook video, more detail of why I felt called to start Journey To Euphoria and how we can help you in YOUR first steps to SIMPLICITY...