Stop getting stuck in the ruts of life & ELIMINATE the never-ending cycles of self-doubt.

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Prone to frustration and feeling BOGGED DOWN?

That place where you feel helpless to your own emotions…

The sleepless nights when your brain won’t shut down…

While your body is exhausted and your joy seems lost…

Look, We get it!

and You 're not alone....

It’s not for lack of trying, you’ve been searching for the answers.

But what if it’s just a matter of connecting a few of the dots with the knowledge you have had within you all along.

Imagine what it would be like to. . .

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Find forgiveness, while holding boundaries to keep yourself safe

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Stop sabotaging your dreams and truly move forward without guilt
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Feel less stress and more joy as you stay present in your surroundings
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Become more adaptable and accepting of the people and things around you

What's Included.

DEEP-DIVE & TAKE ACTION IN 9 AREAS of Self healing wellness

9 Week Outline Breaking Barriers
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In the first week, you will review the information discovered in the 5-Day Creating Confidence Challenge, enforcing the importance of self-confidence and your belief in self.

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In the second week, we will dive into listening to your intuition. Trusting your gut helps you come up with original ideas and solutions for your life. Some of your best ideas come from listening to your own inner voice.

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In the third week, we will take a look at some tools that will help you with emotional clearing which creates awareness towards emotional reactions and helps express feelings in a healthy way.

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The 4th week we dive into mindset, specifically liberated mindset which is all about developing an open mind and an open heart. When this happens, we start to leave fear and anxiety in the past, leaving more room for joy and living the lives we want to live.

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In week five we will address empowerment, choice, and decision making. Specifically how to empower ourselves with our strongest ability, which is to choose. When we feel empowered we can see our way through things we might otherwise feel victim to.

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Week six is all about mindfulness and living in the present. When you live in the present moment, you don’t think about what you’ve left behind or what you have to do later on. You can be content to experience life as it comes your way.

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In week seven, we dive into the power of compassion for self and others while also looking at how you can develop healthy boundaries within your compassion so that it will stay pure and not become emotionally draining.

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In week eight we dive deep into the benefits of a generosity mindset. Generosity is associated with happiness, friendship, better romantic relationships, better health, and even delayed mortality. 

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Now finally, in the final ninth week, we will be reviewing how combining each of these building blocks, from the previous weeks, has helped you develop a greater sense of self-awareness, accountability, present-focused, and yet be able to aim for a bright future.


No, this is a special pre-sale offer and the content will become available in December 2022 hosted inside our exclusive member portal. An email will be delivered to your inbox as the release of the program is near with sign-in information. 

Yes, and we will even give you a walkthrough video of how to use the platform, which will be available immediately after signing into your account.

As with many things in life, your results will be based on the effort you put into implementing the tools you learn and applying them to your own life circumstances. We encourage everyone to fully dive into the material for the best outcome possible. 

NO! Although these tools and processes have been reported to give gains in overall mental well-being, The Breaking Barriers Accelerator Program is NOT a replacement for mental health therapy or medical interventions.

Teaming Up with You In Mind

Headshot Ginger Sorensen

Ginger Sorensen

Headshot Kwinten Kemp

Kwinten Kemp

Ginger Sorensen, founder of Journey To Euphoria & Kwinten Kemp, CMHC, met in the mental health and wellness industry back in 2005 while Kwinten was serving as a Clinical Mental Health Counselor & Life Coach in an outpatient mental health facility.  

It was during this time the breaking barriers tools & materials were born.

As Kwinten shifted into his own private practice, it has since taken on many forms and structures, being shared with many, with amazing success, through in-person one-to-one coaching, classes, workshops, and seminars.

Ginger & Kwinten have come together again to now bring these life-changing tools and materials to the online world through Journey To Euphoria for an all-enhanced version ready to take you to the next level of self-healing wellness!

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